Dictum Society

The Obiter

Dictum Society releases a student publication, The Obiter, twice per semester. The Obiter is a place for Victoria University’s College of Law and Justice staff and students to have their say and contribute interesting pieces and news for our audience both on and off campus.

Current Publication

2017 - Issue Four

Dictum Society is proud to present The Obiter Issue Two for 2017. We hope you enjoy the final work by our Publications Committee and look forward to future Issues. Hard copies of our magazine can also be found across campus.

Future Releases

Check in next year!

Previous Editions

2017 - The Obiter 2017, Issue Four.

2017 - The Obiter 2017, Issue Three.

2017 - The Obiter 2017, Issue Two.

2017 - The Obiter 2017, Issue One.

2016 - The Obiter 2016, Issue Three.