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Dictum Society Membership 2019
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Dictum Society provides a range of services, products and activities for its members. These include:

  • Study and exam preparation initiatives

  • Social events

  • Mooting and negotiation competitions

  • Careers events and speakers

  • Mentoring programs

  • Volunteer and Shadowing opportunities

  • Leadership training

  • Discounts on ticketed events, including the 2019 Law Ball and Trivia Night

  • The Obiter: Dictum Society’s student publication

  • E- Newsletter

  • Membership packs full of goodies!

+ Much more! Watch this space!


Membership Duration

Dictum membership runs for a period of two semesters. This incorporates the semester in which a membership is bought, up until the start of the corresponding semester. If a membership is bought in the holidays prior to a formal semester start, it is taken to include the holiday and start from the following semester.



Samantha bought her membership in S1, 2016. It will run through S2 and includes the holidays up until S1 2017 starts again.

Loving Dictum Society and unable to wait, Gurpreet buys a membership online right after S1 2016 in the winter break. His membership had just expired. His membership will be taken to be for date of purchase in the winter break and will be valid up until S2 2017.

Allambee loves parties /and/ a bargain. So much so he purchased the fabulous Law Ball + Dictum Membership package in S2 2017. He will enjoy his Dictum membership for the summer break, S1 2018 and the winter break up until S2 in 2018 begins anew.