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O-Day Feedback Form

O-Day Feedback

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What are your thoughts on Orientation Day? *
Did the events give you a proper insight into what it is like to begin tertiary education? *
How helpful did you find the StudentLife stalls? Did they provide you with more information about VU Student Life? *
Do you think O-Day was organised well? *
Were all your questions answered? Did you have enough time to get the information you wanted? *
Do you think you will be attending other student-run events in the future? *
Do you like the City Queen Campus? *
Do you feel more confident about starting your degree? *
Were the student presentations helpful? *
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Please indicate how strongly you agree to the following:
Moot Demonstration: After seeing the moot demo, you are interested in participating in a moot at some point throughout your degree.
Campus and District Tour: You now feel more comfortable with your surroundings at the City Queen campus.
Student Presentations: I felt that the presentations gave me a realistic expectation of what being a law student is like.
After-Party: I enjoyed mingling with new and older students. I think I made some friends!
I have a good understanding of what Dictum Society does and feel comfortable with the representatives I met.