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Witness Examination Competition

 Witness Examination Competition 2019

Dictum Society is pleased to announce a Witness Examination Competition! All participants must compete in two General Rounds; once for the Prosecution and once for the Defence. When the Counsel team member is acting for the Prosecution, their witness team member will be the prosecution’s witness. Accordingly, when the Counsel member is acting for the Defence, their witness will act as the Defence’s witness.

Participants will have the task of presenting a clear case theory, ascertaining facts and highlighting inconsistencies through questioning of the witness. Teams will consist of two members, one Counsel member and one non-competitive witness. Please use the form below to fill out whether you have already formed your own team and whether you wish to be a Barrister or witness.


For all queries please email Liz Breaz at competitions@dictumsocietyvu.com.

Registrations close: 23 June 2019 (now closed)

When: Wednesday 26 June 2019

Where: 295 Queen Street, Melbourne

To view the Competition Rules click here

The winner of the 2019 Witness Examination Competition is Kurt Cauchi. The runner-up is Lucy Tatham. Special thanks to witnesses Madeline Cauchi and Rayane Hawli.