Dictum Society

Submissions for the Obiter

Dictum Society’s Publications portfolio would like to provide all our members and readers with the opportunity to submit articles to be considered for publication in the Obiter. If you also have an idea for a topic which you’d like to see the portfolio discuss in the Obiter, please feel free to make a suggestion.

Please keep in mind that not all submissions will be published, and all submissions must adhere to the following Rules, Terms and Conditions.


  1. You must be a VU student;

  2. Email your submission to publications@dictumsocietyvu.com;

  3. Provide your name, student number, mobile number, course, year of study and campus;

  4. Submissions must be in English and must be unpublished (anything online, including a personal blog will be considered published);

  5. Word documents or any easily editable format will be accepted;

  6. Your submission must be electronic. Hard copies will not be accepted;

  7. Maximum 2 pages.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Participants must warrant their submission is their complete original work and that they have full authority to enter the submission in their name.

  2.  Students give permission for their work to be published in the Obiter if their work is chosen.