Dictum Society

PLT Seminar


Dictum Society has collaborated with ANU’s School of Legal Practice, College of Law & Leo Cussen Centre for Law to provide senior law students with information about Practical Legal Training (‘PLT’) or the Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice (‘GDLP’). This information seminar will assist you in determining which PLT or GDLP institution will work best for you, and what the differences are between the three providers.

It is also a great chance for students to find out what PLT or the GDLP actually is? How much does it cost? It is an a chance for law students to have their questions answered.

The details of the events are as follows:

  • DATE: Wednesday, 17 October 2018

  • TIME: 6PM -7:30PM

  • LOCATION: ROBL11, VU City Queen Campus

If you have any questions, email Stephanie Dakin at careers@dictumsocietyvu.com.