Dictum Society

2019/20 Nominations

Welcome to the list of nominees for Dictum Society positions in the 2019/20 Committee! All nominees are required to provide written statements, which we will post here for your consideration and in particular for the consideration of any proxy voters unable to attend the meeting on 29 October.

Nominees are able to nominate for up to two positions. If a nominee has only nominated for one position, there will be no mention of preferences. However, for those that have nominated for two positions, their preferences will be disclosed.

Nominees are listed in the order that nominations are submitted, earliest appearing first and latest appearing last. Speeches on the night of the Annual General Meeting will proceed in alphabetical order per position. Please email president@dictumsocietyvu.com with any questions.

Nominations close by the 25 October 2019. Good luck!

Position Descriptions: Click here

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Vice President

Muhammad Farriz Roslan

Second Preference

During my time as an Educational Officer, I have not only worked directly with the Director of Education but expanded my network with other Directors as well, such as Director of Events, Competitions and the President of the society. I have assisted with the event that was produced by each Directors and more, this gave me in-depth knowledge of what is required for each Directors. I have also assisted in providing ideas and improvements for events and documents such as the Careers Guide 2019. Although my participation are minor compared to the Directors, I gained knowledge of the high standard work that has been put in. Being a Vice President, I believe that the role requires to have a great relationship with other Directors and to have knowledge of what is needed from each Directors to assist them where it is needed which I believe I could achieve.



Director of Activities

Director of Careers

Falak Sakak

First Preference

The Director of Careers position appeals to me as I am interested in directly helping students achieve their career potentials through the support of Victoria University and Dictum Society. As an active member of VU’s islamic society (ISVU), I am experienced in working as part of a team to organize events and help new students adjust to university life. I have also gained experience in planning larger seminars which involved getting sponsors, finding speakers and advertising. I believe my experience with ISVU will be valuable in this role, and I can use these skills and experiences as a member of Dictum Society. I would love for the opportunity to support students who have just started their legal education, and help them understand all their options for the advancement of their careers.

Director of Competitions

Director of Education

Muhammad Farriz Roslan

First Preference

During my time as an Educational Officer, working hand in hand with the Director of Education, I have gained in-depth knowledge of the expected needs of the role and have created relationships connected to the role that could benefit Dictum in 2020. I know the importance of the role a Director of Education and how the role contributes to university students, this makes me more passionate for the role as I love to assist people and providing any assistance I could. I have also progressed further to attain the Assistant Director of Education role due to the contribution I have put in for the Society. I am thankful for the opportunities given to me, and would aim to provide the same opportunity for other students in VU law school. I believe with the knowledge and passion I have for the society, I could complete the required needs for the role.

Falak Sakak

Second Preference

I am interested in the role of Director of Education for 2019/20 because I want the opportunity to support other students, especially first years, in their law school journey. I believe it is important to give students access to such services to allow for an easier transition into university. I have personally benefited for the peer-to-peer mentoring program and would love for the opportunity to continue this program, as well as others, which improve the university experience for students. I am also a member of ISVU (Islamic Society of VU), and have experience planning and volunteering in events such as barbeques and trips which helped students network. I believe this experience will allow me to be successful in this role.

Director of Equity

Director of Publications

Anoushka Patel

Only Preference

A good piece of writing always starts with scrambled thoughts, and as director of publications, I would aim to ensure every such thought counts. I am a writer when I am not reading and run my own blog that tries to inspire people by telling them that they are their own inspiration. I have drafted several scripts including those for investiture ceremonies as well as role plays. I believe I will be able to a good job with the obiter, such that every law student finds something in it that interests them. I work with a democratic approach and would try to pool as many ideas from my peers to gather immersive content from the legal field. Part of my current work place duty entails writing stimulative content, making me good with promoting portfolios for other directors. With my passion, dedication and continuous link to the writing field, I believe I would make for a great candidate for the position of director of publications