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Junior Moot

Junior Moot 2019


What is Mooting? 

Mooting is a mock legal proceeding in the form of an academic activity. It helps increase your understanding of legal concepts and put them into practice. Mooting is also a great way to up your confidence for all walks in life. 

What is the Junior Moot?

The Junior Moot constitutes an arbitration with teams representing either the Claimant or the Respondent in a total of two general rounds. Teams have 11 minutes altogether to present their Client's perspective to the Tribunal, using the Statement of Facts and Exhibit found in the Junior Moot 2019 Problem. 

The winners of the 2019 Junior Moot are Robert Boz and Lachlan Martin. A special thanks to the runner-up team of Jesse Toniolo and Jonah Wood.

Rules and MATERIALs:


  • Registrations close: 18 March (now closed)

  • Clarifications and Amendments to rules and problem: 6pm on 20 March (now amended)

  • Claimant Memorandum due: 6PM on 26 March

  • Respondent Memorandum due: 6PM on 29 March

  • Practice rounds: 28 March (Claimant) and 1 April (Respondent)

  • Competition: 4 April