Dictum Society


Many of Dictum Society’s key member services aim to prepare students for their journey as legal professional after leaving Victoria University’s College of Law and Justice. Career planning and preparation begins in first year and continues until the end of your degree - so get involved with our Careers portfolio today and get ahead!

Our Careers Guide for 2017 will be released in May. This guide will provide a wealth of information aimed at enhancing your employability and securing positions for part-time jobs, clerkships and graduate roles. A range of career paths are covered - from traditional pathways leading to employment with firms across the country, to non-traditional legal careers in various sectors.

We also make sure that you know your options for the next step following your law degree, should your graduate role not cover it - Practical Legal Training. Join us at our Practical Legal Training seminars for information dissemination with a difference, including testimonials from graduates through an interactive panel session.

Our 2017 calendar will be finalised and released in February, stay tuned for more exciting Careers initiatives!